Myth MandalaTM

We spend our lives in groups; personally with family, professionally with co-workers, staff, superiors, and clients, spiritually with our faith based congregations, and socially with our friends and others that we engage with in our communities. HRHorton brings self-empowerment to the group setting to foster support for success in each group member's self discovery. To be a great leader you must find the hero within, access your strengths and transform your weaknesses. 


Myth Mandala subconscious awareness

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Mindfulness lessons

The Hero's Journey 

3-6 hour interactive workshop: $ call for pricing

*length of workshop depends on number of attendees

The Initial Stage

The initial stage we are just getting to know one another, establishing trust and learning about the integration of creativity, emotions and communications.  The Myth Mandala is completed from prompted phrases and utilized in every section going forward.

Sections 1-3

Member Introductions & Group Information

Luminary Lessons


The Working Stage

The working stage we are now utilizing the basics learned in the initial stage and putting into action our values, goals and understandings of manifestation.  The Myth Mandala is utilized and symbolic crafts are created to enhance the overall experience. 

Sections 4-6




The Closing Stage

The closing stage brings together all the myths, cognitive-behavioral lessons and symbolic meanings attributed with the crafts into a creative story that outlines the meaning we attribute to our being and supports the imagery of strength to overcome adversity.

Sections 7 & 8