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To whom it may concern, 


My name is Erica Lugo, owner of EricaFitLove LLC, social media influencer with a 500K following. My main focus of business is empowering women to reach the best versions of themselves through fitness, nutrition and self awareness. I have worked with Heather Horton on multiple occasions and Heather Horton is a person I continually reach out to for any business venture that is in need of a professional who has expertise in Myth Mandala, personality archetypes and presentation skills that can hone in the audience with one on one processing with deeply added emotional value. Heather has worked with me on my reality show where we deeply invested in the evolution of self awareness, emotional breakthroughs and breaking down barriers with the shows cast. I have also invited Heather to speak at my annual conference based on women empowerment where the impact she had made on over 75+ guests was profound. I would recommend Heather to anyone looking for a professional who can not only connect with a large audience, one on one but will personally impact YOU. 


Erica Lugo 

Owner of EricaFitLove LLC 

(937) 750-6206

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