Cosmic Cocktails/Coffee

This is a popular event for coffee shops, bars, breweries, art studios, company parties, and private events that are looking for a unique promotion or to entertain their friends, staff and customers.


Choose from a cocktail or coffee event as well as either lecture/workshop or party hostess:


The lecture/workshop involves insight into the zodiacal archetypes as well as planetary cycles and the correlations of these cycles on our life stage development and world events. Participants bring their natal chart for interactive and entertaining education and discussion. 

The party hostess is a more casual experience in that Heather engages the clientele while they are already socializing and discusses zodiacal and planetary archetypes with impromptu lessons and personal guidance according to the flow of conversation. There are great insights and much laughter with these events!


"The heavens declare the glory...; the skies proclaim the work...; Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge."

-Psalm 19